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The Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church of North and South America

The U.A.O.C. was established in the Americas in 1996 after the return of Vladyka Stephan from Ukraine. Sts.Boris and Gleb church was purchased as the center and Cathedral of the U.A.O.C. reborn 1921. After the retirement of Metropolitan Stephan Vladyka Michael Champion was appointed as Head of the church. Problems started to arise in 2003 concerning the daily operation of the church and diocese finally last year it was proven that the administration was again in need so Metropolitan Stephan returned from retirement in FEB of this year 2007, to take control of the administration of the U.A.O.C. after all Metropolitan Stephan was the person whom started the U.A.O.C. in 1996 as requested by the Holy Synod in Ukraine.
Fr.Deacon Vladimir Klebanik has been the Administrator of Church when no Bishop was present now Metropolitan Stephan has returned to resume the Administration of our Church in the Americas. More information will be posted and updated each month. Any Clergy looking to join the U.A.O.C. may contact our office M-F 10 am.- 2pm. Monastic communities are also welcomed.

May God Bless Each of you,

+ Metropolitan Stephan.

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