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The Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church of North and South America
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His Beatitude Metropolitan Babij Petrovich has returned after a lengthy illness. Vladyka Stephan will over see the mission and vocations dept of the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church.It will not be easy at first but in time I will be stronger and doing more to help Metropolitan Mixailo out since he has been very busy with the operations of other parishes now that the Metropolia is in New York. I will assist Vladika with the Ohio as well as overseeing my duties as Metropolitan of all Canada.

I now feelI again have purpose in my life serving our church. I have been asked by our Ohio parishes to return since I was with them some 30 years after much prayer and asking God and the Holy Spirit to guide me in this matter it was clear that I was still missed and could no longer not serve my people. I had it very hard the past 5 years and must now start over and by the Grace of God and the support of our Ukrainian clergy and people I will do it without question.
Thank all our people for being patient and understanding our situation. There is much work to be done in order for us to get to the point we were at. Thanks to Vladyka Mixailo for doing a great job with our church, May God Grant Him Many Years!

+Metropolitan Stephan Babij Petrovich

If any parish board would like to contact me. 419-433-0800 or

To our Faithful of the U.A.O.C.