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The time has come when the so called Non Canonical Orthodox Churches in the Diaspora have been meeting and have been discussing the legal aspect of the right of religious freedom in America.

(After speaking to the A.C.L.U. and researching the laws they have found the slander can be stopped and they have full and legal right to the claim of being Eastern Orthodox Conical Bishops and clergy according to the Cannons of the Eastern Church and their Succession in most cases are most valid) But some are still in question since many can not produce the needed documents and or have no ties or past connections with their Mother Churches in Eastern Europe i.e.: Ukraine ,Russia, also they are not known by the Patriarchates that they claim to have ties to.

This is one of the most important factors many groups in the Diaspora claim succession but do not have the proper documentation in which only hinders their claims. The problem is that years ago when the older Bishops came to the Americas, they ordained many men into the priesthood whom where in question never thinking of the repercussions in the future Metropolitan Stephan stated.
It only creates more problems for His Holiness as well as the Primate of the U.A.O.C. Metropolitan Medfody.

The Most questioned Churches in the Americas this present day is the question of the Ukrainian Autocephalous Church there are so many groups that claim the right to the use of the U.A.O.C.

With the present situation in Ukraine today with His Holiness Patriarch Filaret and the K.P. Trying to establish One Holy Ukrainian Orthodox Church the matter of all the independent Ukrainian Orthodox Churches in the Diaspora must be dealt with.

His Holiness Patriarch Filaret and the Holy Synod, has stated that there is no longer a Sobornopravna Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church in the diaspora, our church used this word (Sobornopravna,)

until we agreed to drop it from our charter.We were issued the Title of the Ukrainian Autocecephalous Orthodox Church of North and South America in the Tomos granted to us by the U.A.O.C. in 1996.If true unity amoung all Orthodox Churches come to pass then there must be respect for all Orthodox christains in the world.

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