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Prayer for
September 11

by Metrop. Stephan

We as other churches also have many vocations in our Orthodox Church. Unlike the Roman church we have a limited amount of Sisters (Nuns) in the Diaspora but we are in great need for them. Monastic communities are headed by a Nun called mother general whose role is one of supervision of the Sisters in their community. The Sisters play an important role in church life many are teacher’s nurses or work in the community.

It is suggested if you have a true calling for a religious life that you speak to your parish priest he will instruct you as to what steps you will need to take next. Giving your life to Christ and his church can be a very rewarding thing in ones life. To dedicate yourself to

God will bring you great joy and happiness although the life of a Sister can be very demanding prayer is the center of any community. Liturgy is held each day in the chapel of the monastery.

You may contact the office of vocations at 419-433-0800 or email us at

Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox between 10am-4pm-M-Friday.

God Bless you,

+Metropolitan Stephan Bibij  Petrovich.

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