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Any parish seeking spiritual home and looking for a True Sobornopravna Church you are most welcomed to contacts us at any time. Ukrainian parishes will be give precedence over others at this time. There are many many bishops now in the Diaspora who are claiming to be under Metropolitan Mefodiy. I assure you that they are not. I also have been contacted by others about a church that similar to the U.O.C. IN Boundbrook. I would advice you to call the Consistory in N.J. before you have any agreements with any U.O.C.
Archbishop Anthony or His Beatitude Metropolitan Constantine, I am sure, will be more than happy to speak with you. The only canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church is U.O.C. under His Beatitude Metropolitan Constantine and Archbishop Anthony In which we even recognize as the True Canonical Ukrainian Church in the Diaspora In which we respect them as such.
In order for us in Ukraine and the Diaspora to truly unite our Ukrainian churches we do not need all this confusion. Metropolitan Constantine does not need this type of problem from others.
Ukraine also will not tolerate such any longer. Bishops of any Ukrainian church must know Ukrainian and speak it fluently and by all means truly be Ukrainian.
This must and will stop! No matter at what cost. The U.O.C.-KP at present is not conical but we respect them for they are true Ukrainians, we also are not recognized by the world wide orthodox church but we respect the U.O.C. in the U.S.A. if we did not then we would be turning our backs on our brothers and sisters in Christ.
Too many bishops were made bishops for a price or do to the fact many old bishops did not understand English and took peoples word as truth but now times are much different church is church and Ukrainian bishops are really Ukrainian.

+Metropolitan Archbishop Stephan
Metropolitan of all Canada. Archbishop of Ohio. Director of Missions and Vocations
Ukrainian Autocephalous Church of Ukraine.Sobornopravna.

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